Friday, April 22, 2011

iPhone Nano Revealed

Following on purported images of an iPhone 5, Go Go has received an artist rendition from one of our reliable sources on what was described as "close to final design" on the long rumored "iPhone Nano". While few technical specs were provided, our source did disclose the screen size would be the same as the current iPhone 4 (though possibly sans the IPS technology). Yet, the device would still be close to 1/3 less in size. This feat is apparently achieved by removing the Home button, which symmetrically speaking, allows reduction at the top of the bezel as well. Our source indicated the Home button action would be replaced by a five finger gesture (previewed to developers in iOS 4.3).

We are cautious with this information but nonetheless excited at the possibility.

Go Go

Friday, April 8, 2011

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion now with DFS support

While customers in a home setting would never notice, those in enterprise or education were far too aware of the glaring omission of support for Microsoft's DFS (Distributed File System) in Apple's SMB/CIFS implementation.

For institutions in which cross-platform environments were the norm they would generally have to build their entire file share technology around this limitation. Rather than having the ability to organize shares into logical units, or even include the ability for transparent fail over, only direct top level shares could be created (sometimes creating an unmanageable sea of directories). For those that chose to implement DFS irregardless of the Mac's ability it would usually then necessitate expensive licensing from add-on products such as Thursbys ADmitMac to provide the needed DFS capability.

After extensive testing here at Go Go we can safely say that 10.7 lion has support for DFS which should help ease the burden of enterprise storage administrators as they move forward. The man pages relating to the newly created SMB utilities in Lion also directly reference DFS. From the man page of 'smbutil':
dfs smb://[domain;][user[:password]@]server/DfsRoot[/DfsLink]
Display the Dfs referrals for this URL for the authenticated session.

Great news indeed.

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