Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RAID 1 on a laptop via USB? Kinda...: Rebit Review!

True RAID 1 can usually only happen with devices that support at least two internal hard drives.

However, Go Go does occasionally get requests from our clients on enabling a similar function for their single drive laptops. Impossible, maybe, but we found the next closest thing.


Take a Rebit external drive, plug it in, click okay and you are done.

That's it.

Any time a file changes on the computer it will back it up. It also backups up all the system files and drivers. If the computer fails, the Rebit drive would be the only thing you would need to
recover. It's basically like a RAID 1 setup and an incremental backup combined.

Our clients' feedback on this product has been incredible.

Optionally, you can just buy the Rebit software and supply your own drive but we recommend their specially tweaked hard drive as it will be the official vendor "supported" solution and will increase a person's chance of a successful restore (since backing up is only half the battle).

However, for those who want to go with more standards solutions then we recommend an "image" backup of their machine. Software such as Acronis or Norton's Ghost are up to the task. These applications have evolved over time and are now as much backup utilities as they are imaging programs. Both support scheduled backups. Here at Go Go we use and recommend Acronis as it's an intuitive, reliable and feature packed title.

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